Team Training

B3 Specializes in working with teams groups and organizations while also providing personalized content for each athlete. Let us become your very own strength and conditioning staff and provide you and your team with all the training tools and resources you need so your athletes reach their maximum potential. The demands of coaching continue to increase, & the sports performance world continues to evolve. B3 Better combines the best of sports performance and sports technology to bring you the best in testing, training, programming & sports technology. 

Lets us bring the ENERGY! New aged pro & college style competitive training sessions are a signature part of the B3 experience. Quantify all of your reps and create competition completely change the dynamics of a training session with B3 Better team training camps!

Get better RESULTS! We are all about results and efficiency. Get the most out of all of your workouts with proper programming. No more 1 size fits all programming for your team!

REDUCE INJURIES! The best ability an athlete can have is availABILITY. Proper assessments with proper programming ensures your athletes can preform when called upon.


*Minimum 50 Athletes at this pricing smaller team pricing available upon request*

Jump out the Gym

The best basketball program on the market to specifically target the skills needed to improve your game on the court.