Corporate Wellness

B3 Better doesn’t just work with top athletes! Our science-based approach allows us to create fitness programming and training that is safe and progressive. This knowledge allows us to create a fun interactive challenge that all can participate in and push at their own pace. Starting with functional movement and the way to HIIT Cardio.

B3 Better takes a unique approach to corporate wellness. We know corporate wellness has evolved over the years and it’s no longer about exercise programs and gym memberships. Corporate Wellness is about lifestyle changes and a culture of health and wellness. Wellness is only physical but nutritional, mental, behavioral, social, and even financial. Also, it’s not just content that makes wellness programs work but it’s engagement. Our 30-day challenge engages your community and looks at creating new behaviors and habits through interactive challenges.

B3 Better’s Corporate Wellness program features a FREE 30-day interactive fitness challenge for any company looking to get a jump start on building a healthier community! Through our partnered technology TeM, we create an interactive challenge involving a monthly group activity goal with weekly and even daily flash challenges, nutrition planning & education, as well as, mental & behavioral health assessments and training modules. Each participant receives a 5 session class card for training at B3 Better Sports Performance. All of our 30-day fitness challenges end with a free community for your organization hosted at our world-class training facility! Companies can add an extra incentive prize pool to help incentivize the culture change.

Partner with us and let us help you make a B3tter culture!


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