T3 Program

The T3 Program “Test, Train, Transform” is our premium lifestyle change / total wellness program. T3 is more than a fitness class, it is a healthy lifestyle program specifically developed to help you reach your goals in a way that is sustainable and scientifically based. 

Prior to starting, you will go through our unique lifestyle consultation designed to give you the guidance you need to start achieving your physical & mental aspirations. During our lifestyle consultation, we help you to develop a sustainable framework that identifies positive lifestyle changes that are linked to personal intrinsically-based goals. Identifying goals this way helps to create a vision that is based on strengths instead of only focusing on deficits, which traditional goal-setting focuses on.

From there, clients are taken through our science-based physical testing protocols where we gain a deeper insight into your physiology allowing for more specific training recommendations and individualized programming. Each client will be given individualized corrective exercises to address and fix movement compensations and imbalances, as well as individualized heart rate training zones, which in conjunction with heart rate monitors make sure you are training at the right intensity for maximum results. 

Through our dedicated coaches and small class sizes, we can offer customizable training protocols that create a balance of strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular training that make sure the T3 program is a fun, challenging, competitive program that helps to provide that extra boost for everyone to reach their goals. Each workout is customized to keep you in your optimal training to achieve maximum results.

B3 Better Fitness

B3 Better Fitness is our general fitness program. Our general fitness program takes a holistic approach to the body and fitness. Our science-based fitness program focuses on mobility, strength, power & endurance. Each day’s workouts are designed to challenge your muscles and strengthen your cardiovascular system. 

These adult boot camps are designed to assist with learning, burning, and maintaining throughout your fitness journey. Our trainers strive to assure you continue to see results by continually pushing you towards your fitness goals. Our programs are built quarterly and each workout has modifications to adjust for all fitness levels. These boot camps are offered daily Monday-Saturday. Multiple class times daily make B3 Better Fitness boot camps accessible to everyone!

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