B3 Better is launching our High-Performance Programs and Sports Testing Camps. These programs are sports-specific groups that give kids the best tools, coaches & resources on and off the field to prepare them for the next level. Sports are evolving. It’s not just about what an athlete is doing on game day anymore.

We’ve assembled the best coaching staff in the Okanagan to progressively develop athletes. This area in general is typically starved of resources and our goal is to make those resources readily available, as well as give objective data and feedback on how an athlete is progressing. Additionally, a goal is to provide exposure to these athletes by creating opportunities for them to participate in some of the top tournaments and showcases throughout Canada and the US. B3 Better is a major player in the southeast US for athletes in all sports, especially baseball, softball, basketball, lax and soccer where we have helped prepare over 400 collegiate players throughout the years. We will be connecting the US Academy athletes with the Canadian Athletes by running testing and combines on the same day, creating an international leaderboard to share with coaches and scouts who may be in attendance in Florida. Athletes will also connect during virtual learning sessions that include topics from mental prep to recruiting and much more.

Our goal is to uplift the sports community and challenge the Next generation of athletes on and off the field. We will hold monthly workshops for players and parents involving various different topics, from recruiting to social media etiquette with pro/college coaches and players and elite amateur players to get a perspective on what it takes to make it to the next level.

Athletes will receive daily surveys and private communication access with the entire coaching staff. Nutrition plans and workshops. Creating a 1 stop shop for coaching, training, development, and education for athletes and parents.


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∗ Athlete Sponsorship for baseball, football, and local sports performance camps

∗ Team Building Event/ Facility rental per quarter

∗ Athlete Sponsorship Financial Literacy Workshop


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B3 High-Performance Baseball or Football Program

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