To excel in a desired sport, an athlete must have power, strength, speed and agility. B3 Better has designed science based programs to aid in the development in every area of sports performance, functional strength & healthy aging. 

Before a program is introduced our team identifies the performance target, assesses the athlete’s current situation and outline tactics to attain goals. We know it is important to take into account the different variables and elements that may affect an athlete’s progress like sporting position, previous injuries, training background, athlete’s goals and more before a program is set in motion.

Each of our programs brings a unique science based techniques and protocols. While integrating the latest sports technology into all of our programming. Creating community, competition & engagement.  



The T3 program “Test, Train, Transform” is our premium lifestyle change and total wellness program that gets results and helps you reach your fitness goals!

B3 Better


B3 Better Fitness is our general fitness program performed in a boot camp style of training, which combines our high energy coaches and a sense of community.

Competitive Speed Training

Our speed only training class thrives on competition, uses sports technology for instant feedback, and motivates athletes to compete on each rep.

All American


Science-based testing, small class sizes, and customized training programs will improve your athleticism and help you dominate your sport!



The Bridge Program, under the guidance of a certified athletic trainer, aids an injured athlete in their return to play by closing the gap between the clinic and the field.



The Olympian Program is a an all-inclusive sports performance program designed to aid development in every area of sports performance.

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