Competitive Speed Training


Get the most out of your limited time. 

B3 has worked with some of the world’s best coaches and trained some of the world’s best athletes. 

As leaders in the sports technology space, we’ve designed our B3better speed camps to allow coaches to get maximum speed development in a short amount of time. As well as give athlete’s competition amongst themselves and teammates. 

Reaction time is a key component to speed and reaction is often overlooked due to inaccuracy in tracking. Many of our speed protocols involve timed reaction drills, this allows us to actually help our athletes process and react quickly, as well as, produce more power and move faster. 

where athletes get their times back in real-time this way we can create competition amongst the group and also allow an athlete to try to improve on each and every rep.  

It’s a fact that athletes work harder when they are competing! Our athletes compete on every rep, we have team competitions where we can pair athletes in groups or in individual heads up drills. Whether they are trying to improve on their personal time, beat the guy lined up across from them, or improve their group’s time, our athletes become more game prepared while building speed, having fun, and learning to compete!

Don’t miss our B3Better Competitive Speed Camps 

We can come to your groups of 10 or more and we can travel to you for these camps!

  • Reaction is often left out of training drills but is one of the most critical parts of the game. You can train the brain to process faster.
  • Instant feedback so athletes can understand how they can improve and if they are giving maximum effort
  • Competition brings the best out of athletes. Athletes compete against themselves and others to try and improve on every rep.
  • Set up allows athletes to keep safe social distancing outside of the weight room in a fun and challenging environment
  • Program features drills and modalities designed by some of the top S&C coaches in the industry.