Designed to aid the reconditioning process and continue the safe transition back to competition, The
Bridge Program aims to bridge the gap between clinical rehabilitation and on-field performance.
By utilizing state-of-the-art technology through the SPORT (Sports Performance and Orthopedic
Rehabilitation Testing) Initiative we are able you provide a comprehensive assessment of your injury
and current phase of recovery. Data gathered will then be used to create a bespoke rehabilitation and
conditioning plan including both gym and field-based sessions that address your unique needs and
optimize your recovery.
The Bridge Program offers the opportunity to have access to a high-performance rehabilitation and
conditioning program that can help accelerate your recovery from injury.


    Evidence-Based Approach:
    » We eliminate guesswork and provide you with a plan based on the latest research and best practices in
    sports medicine. By leveraging the most up-to-date knowledge we provide you with a scientifically sound
    and effective recovery plan.
    Objective Measurements:
    » Unfiltered access to in-depth SPORT assessments. Our sports scientists utilize the latest in state-of-
    the-art markerless motion capture, inertial measurement unit (IMU), isokinetic and isometric dynamometry
    technologies to accurately gather objective data from a battery of tests.
    Individual Training Programs:
    » We understand that every athlete's journey is unique and believe that rehabilitation should be no
    different. Our highly specialized team delivers your personalized roadmap to recovery on a one-to-one
    basis making sure you receive the support and guidance you need every step of the way.
    Performance Tracking:
    » With the ability to track progress over time and neuromuscular fatigue, we are able to monitor the
    athlete's daily readiness to train and make adjustments to optimize your rehabilitation sessions.
    This ensures that the athlete is adapting to the program effectively and stays on track for a successful
    return to play.
    Collaborative Approach:
    » Whether you have completed or are still working through physical therapy, we can work with any pre-
    existing medical team, including physicians, physical therapists, and coaches, to ensure a seamless
    transition from rehabilitation to sport-specific training.

    We strive to create a comprehensive support team aimed at continuing an athlete's progression through
    the return to play process, where no steps are missed and each return to play milestone is reached.

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