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Join Us in Making Baseball Safer

Our Mission

The Save The Arms campaign, in partnership with DVS Baseball, is dedicated to reducing pitching injuries in baseball.

We’re collaborating with minor league teams and baseball authorities to promote safe pitching practices.

Together with our local youth baseball associations we can positively impact injuries in the next generation of throwers. While providing fundraising opportunities to support youth baseball initatives.

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Youth Player Training

What is DVS Baseball?

DVS Baseball, established in 2015, focuses on combating the pitching injury epidemic. DVS Baseball offers pitcher health and performance solutions founded in the Delivery Value System, a proprietary, medically published, and statistically validated biomechanical model.

Increase Longevity & Success

Increase your ability to accumulate innings and avoid significant injury while achieving the results you want on the mound!

DVS Score Vs Injury Chart

How We Help

Injury Prediction Chart

Injury Risk Prediction

Our IR model predicts injury probability, guiding safer player decisions.

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Proven Track Record

DVS methodologies have been successfully applied from Little League World Series Champions to Cy Young Award Winners to reduce major arm injuries and safely increase velocity.

Youth Throwing

Medical Validation

The DVS is medically validated, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.


Sign up for our free virtual clinic to learn more about DVS and our fundraising campaign. Gain insights into safe pitching practices and how you can support our mission.


Ready to take the next step? Sign up here to purchase your personalized DVS assessment and start your journey towards safer pitching.


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Step 1: Join A Free Lunch & Learn 
Get started by registering for our free clinic and learn more about DVS and our Save The Arms campaign and how it can support your team or organization.

Step 2: Sign Up Your Organization
Next, register your organization with our Save The Arms campaign and receive your organizational discount code. It’s a simple process, and our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Step 3: Spread the Word
We’ll provide you with all the materials you need to promote the campaign and DVS assessments within your community. Share the mission and the benefits of participating with your members and supporters. Collect video a submit to our team for reports.

Step 4: Track Participation
For every individual who signs up for a DVS assessment through your organization, you’ll see weekly tracking of participation and earnings. Based on participation, DVS will also certify a number of coaches for FREE to help promote continued development

Step 5: Receive Your Results
Receive your results and a free 30-day corrective exercise plan inside of DVS. Additionally, all participants will be invited to an online virtual clinic to review results and potential actions.

Step 6: Earn Funds
Your organization earns $15 for each DVS assessment completed through your referral. This is a great way to support your members’ health and your organization’s goals simultaneously. At the end of the campaign, we tally up the total and send the funds directly to your organization. It’s that simple!


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