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Welcome to B3 Better Sports Performance.

Designed to aid the reconditioning process and continue the safe transition back to competition, The
Bridge Program aims to bridge the gap between clinical rehabilitation and on-field performance.
By utilizing state-of-the-art technology through the SPORT (Sports Performance and Orthopedic
Rehabilitation Testing) Initiative we are able you provide a comprehensive assessment of your injury
and current phase of recovery. Data gathered will then be used to create a bespoke rehabilitation and
conditioning plan including both gym and field-based sessions that address your unique needs and
optimize your recovery.
The Bridge Program offers the opportunity to have access to a high-performance rehabilitation and
conditioning program that can help accelerate your recovery from injury.

Balance Bold Believe

A . re you waiting for untapped potential to be unleashed? Do you feel the frustration of seeing them struggle to excel despite their passion? It’s time for a transformative change


Join the ranks of athletes who were able to restore function &confidence and get back on the field!

B3 didn’t disappoint. My daughter just finished PT for a meniscus tear and I was advised to strengthen her knee more before having her return to playing soccer. I found a bridge program at B3 that does just that! I met Jordan at B3 who professionally evaluated my daughter and came up with a 12 week plan for getting my daughter ready for the soccer field. It worked and she’s back playing! My daughter said the training was hard, but she seemed to really enjoy it. I highly recommend B3 for injury prevention and overall strength and fitness. As a bonus, everyone that works there is friendly and quick to lend a hand if needed.”

I went to Jordan after a total ACL reconstruction and meniscus tear repairs. His rehab and conditioning program gave me the strength, agility, and confidence I needed to get back on the volleyball court to compete at the collegiate level! I’m so grateful for his investment in my recovery and I would definitely recommend Jordan and B3!

Unfortunately, my daughter tore her ACL and underwent surgery about a year ago. Lucky for us, a friend recommended B3 and she started the bridge program with Jordan. I can’t say enough great things about Jordan. He worked with her from the time of her injury, through her surgery and recovery, and then the following 10 months. He got her back onto the court stronger than ever. An injury like this is devastating for any athlete, but Jordan gave her the tools to not only overcome it physically, but also mentally. She’s now leaving for college to start her D1 career and we can’t thank and recommended Jordan enough.

Have you hit a plateau?

Are you struggling to keep up, grappling with confidence on the field?

Do you feel like there’s another level you need to unlock?

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Real Measurable Results 

Get stronger, faster, and more confident than ever before. Our program is not just about sports; it’s about igniting a fire within. It’s about building resilience, mental toughness, and the spirit of a champion.”

Can you see yourself transforming into the athlete you dream to be?

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