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At B3, we are deeply passionate about nurturing and growing the basketball culture in our community. Bringing these incredible athletes and coaches to is more than just organizing camps – it’s about creating a vibrant, supportive environment where young athletes can thrive, learn, and achieve their dreams. Our camps feature skills development and also a unique experience featuring elements of the NBA Combine Tests. We’re here to make a lasting impact on youth basketball and can’t wait for you to join us in this journey!

Balance Bold Believe

B3 Basketball Experience


At GW Hoops & B3 Better, we’re not just running basketball camps; we’re crafting transformative experiences that ignite passion, foster growth, and cultivate the next generation of basketball stars. Every camp we host is an invitation to young athletes to step into a world of possibility, under the guidance of basketball legends like Linnae Harper and Dee Brown and recently added Joe Smith 95′ College Player of the year and #1 overall draft pick.

Spring Break Ballin: Linnae Harper & Harper’s Haven Girls Basketball Camp

Kickstart your year with inspiration from Linnae Harper, a beacon of excellence in women’s basketball. Dive deep into skill development, strategic play, and the vital balance between academics and athletics. This isn’t just a camp; it’s a launchpad for your ambitions.

Summer Surge: 2nd Annual Dee Brown Youth Basketball Camp

As the summer heat intensifies, so does the action at our Dee Brown camp. Experience the thrill of competition in our 3pt Shootout and Dunk Contest, and seize the chance to win iconic signed REEBOK PUMPS. Dee Brown’s legacy is not just in his achievements but in the fiery spirit he instills in every participant. Former College Player of the year 95′ and #1 overall NBA draft pick Joe Smith will be in attendance coaching along with UBCO Head Coach Clay Potter. You dont want to miss this one of a kind coaching experience.

Why Choose Our Camps?

  • Exclusivity and Focus: With only 60 spots per group, we ensure personalized coaching that’s tailored to your unique journey.
  • Legends as Mentors: Learn from those who’ve lived the dream. Their stories aren’t just about basketball; they’re about life, resilience, and success.
  • Holistic Growth: Our camps are about more than just dribbles and dunks; they’re about building character, leadership, and a lifelong love for the game.
  • A Community of Champions: Join a vibrant community where every pass, every shot, and every dribble moves us all forward.

Be Part of Something Bigger

This is your invitation to join a year-long celebration of basketball, growth, and community. Whether you’re looking to elevate your game, learn from the best, or just be part of an incredible basketball family, GW Hoops & B3 Better is your home court.

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Spots are coveted and fill up quickly. Secure your place in our next camp and start writing your own basketball legacy.



B3 Better & GW Hoops
Linnae Harper Girls Basketball Camp
March 25-27th,
9am-12pm Middle School
12:30-3:30 High School

4x Team USA Gold Medalist and WNBA Player!


B3 Better & GW Hoops
2nd Annual Dee Brown Basketball Camp
w/ Former NBA #1 Overall Pick Joe Smith
July 9 -12
9am-12pm, Middle School
1pm-4pm, High School

NBA Legend & 91′ Slam Dunk Champion
+95′ NCAA National Player of the year #1 NBA Overall Pick

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